PT. INTEGRA GLOBAL ENERGI will provide, customized engineered solutions using state of the art down-hole technology, dedicated equipment and a high level of service quality. We will strive daily to achieve our goal of unconditional customer satisfaction. 

With the need for increased production of natural resources throughout Indonesia, there are more and more reasons to utilize technology and equipment that can enable production to meet these demands. With declining reserves and more challenging exploration parameters and with a huge market on Geothermal sector service providers have had to adapt their capabilities to match these new challenges. PT. INTEGRA GLOBAL ENERGI recognize the changing environment and plan to profit from that. 

PT. INTEGRA GLOBAL ENERGI provides integrated best services and solutions in Oil-Gas and Geothermal and Deep Slimhole Coring Industries to Customers through Professionalism, Health & Safety work environment awareness, under good and clean Corporate Governance.  Now, the Company is consisting of highest capability and skill manpower in proper jobs, the good capability management and highest standard performance equipment.


PT. INTEGRA GLOBAL ENERGI provides services on Mineral Exploration and Oil & Gas Industries including Integrated Drilling Management, land drilling support services such as Mud System Services, Cementing, oil & gas well testing, and products evaluation service.

  • Drilling Services for Oill & Gas and Geothermal Field
  • Workover Services for Oill & Gas and Geothermal Field
  • Integrated Project Management Services
  • Integrated Drilling Services
  • Deep Slimhole Coring / Drilling Services
  • Mudlogging Data Unit and Wellsite Geologist Services
  • PTS Wireline Services
  • Gas & Oil Well Pad Construction Maintenance

Integrated Project Management

We deliver Integrated Drilling Management Services for Exploration, Development and Work Over Wells with Integrated Project Management or Turnkey and Supported by Highest capability and skill man powers, first class technical, drilling and management skills. 

Integrated Drilling Management Services brings to your project an important added value, providing you at the right time with the necessary skills in your domain of interest.


Coring rigs are fundamentally different from rotary rigs in the way that they retrieve core. In a typical coring rig used for slim hole coring on geothermal, the core is cut by the bit and is stored in a tube in the lower end of the drill string as the hole advances. At the end of the coring run, a wireline is lowered down the inside of the drill string and is latched into the top of the core tube to retrieve it to the surface. This not only gives a continuous core over the interval of the hole, but is much faster than tripping the drill string to retrieve the core sample as is done in rotary rigs.

Deep Slimhole = Wireline cored slimhole that are designed to reach and evaluate the deep geothermal reservoir (as distinct from temperature gradient holes): temperature, pH and flow. Deep Slimhole – Coring Rig should reduce risk and spend less budget in the earlier exploration phase comparing to conventional drilling rig in order to indicated the reserve for next production step.


PT. Integra Global Energi was alliance with PT. Pancuran Karya Mukti, known as PAKARTI, was established on 10 June 2002 and has been more than 15 years experiences in Mud Logging Services in Geothermal and Oil & Gas Drilling Exploration campaign. Our Services has three main classes of information: Geological Data (obtained by physical examination of drilled cutting), Hydrocarbon Data (reservoir and source) and Surface Drilling data (including mechanical, hydraulic, and engineering parameters).

PAKARTI has developed into a company that has a fortification as the only local or domestic company that has experience in Offshore Drilling in Indonesia.


The PPS71 Geothermal Memory Gauge measures pressure, RTD Temperature, CCL (Casing Collar Locator) and Flow Rate. The electronics of PPS71 are packed in a flask (Heat Shield Inner Tube), which is suitable for extreme high temperature (up to 350ºC) downhole application.

The PPS71 Geothermal Memory Gauge can be run in the traditional mode (Pressure and Temperature) or with a depth recorder (PPS36 Depth-Watcher) to incorporate depth with downhole data.


We deliver complete, integrated mud system packages for installation on land rigs including Mud Engineers. Our focus is on delivering custom-designed products and a quick and cost-effective mobilization and de mobilization process.